Firestarter Podcast 2 - Stan Thekaekara part 1

This is the Firestarter Podcast which is the world's first podcast for social enterprises in health.

This week's podcast features a presentation by Stan Thekaekara who is the Chairman and CEO of Just Change and a Fellow of the Scholl Centre for Social Entrepreneurship. This was recorded at the Social Enterprise Coalition's Health and Social Care Forum and the podcast covers:

  • The history of the Land Rights movement in India
  • Stan's personal journey as a political activist and as a social entrepreneur
  • How tea changed the whole economic base of the villages
  • How social enterprise reduced infant mortality and pregnancy-related deaths
  • Building a community hospital in India
  • Creating an affordable health insurance model


Podcast 2 - This can be downloaded here (40 Mb)

The music is "Fire Dance" by djbouly and is brought to you under a creative commons licence.