Free courses

All of our courses are free because we believe that your development should be based on your need rather than your ability to pay. These courses are funded through our other work and provide access to development that many people (especially nurses) simply wouldn't be able to go on otherwise. We also tend to video most of our courses so that elements of these courses can be accessed by people who can't attend in person - you have been warned :)

Our last courses were:

Presenting magically - Monday 9th June 2008 (Whaley Bridge)
Strategic thinking - Thursday 3rd July 2008 (Whaley Bridge)
Power networking - Monday 15th September 2008 (Whaley Bridge)
Mastering Time Management - Tuesday 15th July 2008 (Whaley Bridge)
Creating a nurse-led social enterprise - Tuesday 9th September 2008 (Whaley Bridge)
Increasing the income of your social enterprise - Monday 8th September 2008 (Whaley Bridge)
Creating an effective business website - Monday 14th July 2008 (Whaley Bridge)

We take applicants on a first-come first-served basis and if you want to apply for any course, simply fill in your details on the form at the bottom of each courses' page.

We also have a very strict cancellation policy as we have found that people are much more likely to cancel a free course at the last minute compared to a course that they have paid for. This has a very disruptive effect on those that do attend and affects the quality of the groupwork, so if you cancel less than 5 working days before a course then you will have to pay a cancellation fee of £100.

If you have any suggestions for future courses then we would love to hear them. Please fill in the suggestion box below:

What course would you love us to deliver?

What should this course include?

We have also developed a new e-learning service at PrepOnline where you can access e-learning courses for nurses

Work can provide the opportunity for spiritual and personal, as well as financial, growth. If it doesn't, then we're wasting far too much of our lives on it.

James Autry

Presenting magically
Strategic thinking
Power networking
Mastering Time Management
Creating a nurse-led social enterprise
Increasing the income of your social enterprise
Creating an effective business website