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About Creative Commons Licences in general

Creative Commons Licences are one of the coolest things about the web and chances are that you have never heard of them. So where to start. Well you could go to Wikipedia which is far more informative and factual than we are on this subject but in a nutshell it is a much better system than copyright. You see the problem with copyright is that you have to get permission if you want to copy or share something and it is designed to restrict copying and distribution of ideas, pictures, videos, music, etc. Creative Commons on the other hand is designed to encourage sharing and distribution and basically gives you permission to share, copy, adapt, edit, mash-up, etc as long as you credit where you first got it and you aren't making any money by selling it.

Our Creative Commons Licence

We give you permission to copy, share and distribute absolutely everything on this website for free on two conditions:

1) You credit that you got the material from Entreprenurses CIC and you provide the web address of our site (www.entreprenurses.net)

2) That you do not charge anyone to see, hear or use any of the material. If you want to sell any of our material or include any of our material in something that you are selling, then you need our written permission. We will particularly need lots of convincing as to why you can't just give it away free (as we do) and you will need to show us that you are planning on doing something ethical with the profits you make.

You can contact us at dave@entreprenurses.net.

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