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We aim to be the best collection of free web resources for social entrepreneurs anywhere on the internet. Whether you need practical advice, some inspiration, local networks or just some confirmation that you aren’t the only one with the same issue – this should be the site for you. We are continually adding new stuff to the site largely based on what we needed and wanted at different stages of our development. But you are the best judge of what you need and if you can’t find it here, let us know and we will find it for you or create it ourselves.

Some of our most recent additions are:

The latest 5 podcasts (10 to 14) cover a recent course on "Creating a nurse-led social enterprises in health" and the 5-parts together make up a 3-hour audio programme on how to set up a nurse-led social enterprise. Click here to access this.

You may find Podcast 1 useful which covers:

  • What is a social enterprise?
  • The difference between social entrepreneurs and social enterprises
  • Why social enterprises often have to get rid of their founders
  • How to find entrepreneurs in your organisation (Hint: they are often the weirdo troublemaker)
  • Why entrepreneurs often make bad managers
  • What drives social entrepreneurs
  • Chris' "Mrs Buggins Test"
  • "Creative commons" and sharing ideas
  • The added value of social entrepreneurs
  • Why NHS Networks is a fantastic organisation

Click here to access the podcast

You may also find Podcast 4 useful which looks at the Central Surrey model which is the first large-scale social enterprise to come out of a PCT, and covers:

  • Where the model and the idea first come from
  • The key discussions and questions in the early days
  • Involving front-line staff
  • The two-year journey from the idea to going live
  • Getting the organisational and legal structure right - the co-ownership model
  • The reaction of staff to becoming co-owners
  • How the co-ownership model works and the relationship between the Members and the Board
  • The big lessons learned from the transition process from NHS to social enterprise

Click here to access the podcast

If you have suggestions for new content, resources or information, then please pop it in our suggestion box.





Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

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