Accessing finance

We haven’t yet met a nurse entrepreneur who didn’t need more funding and at the same time most of the funding sources are so hard to access. As well as helping you find the right kind of funding for you, we also try and work with funding organisations to make them more receptive to what you need. Whether you need to get funding from your manager, from your organisations’ board, from an commissioner or from a lender, there should be something here for you.

Some of our most recent additions are:

You may find Podcast 5 useful which covers:

  • The problems with being grant-funded
  • Moving from a "dependent needs-based mentality" to an "independent strengths-based mentality"
  • How to start the process
  • Developing contacts among commissioners
  • Generating income from several different types of customers and organisations
  • Turning creativity into enterprise and business solutions
  • Why there is no shortage of money (but often a shortage of good ideas!)

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If you have suggestions for new content, resources or information, then please pop it in our suggestion box. The current most popular suggestions for this section are:

  • How does NHS funding work?
  • How to raise £1,000 inside the NHS
  • How to raise £10,000 inside the NHS
  • How to raise £100,000 inside the NHS
  • How do I get funding to start up a new business?
  • Where can I get start-up grants from?
  • Accessing venture capital
  • Creating cash-flows and business plans

Nurses don't generate income - they generate care. For which we make no apology!

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