Setting up your own enterprise

It's funny how scary people make this sound when really (shhhhh - don't tell anyone!) it's not that hard or that complicated. It's definitely not right for everyone but setting up your own enterprise (and particularly your own social enterprise) can be the way to lead the life you want to lead, provide the care you want to provide and be free of the bureaucracy and restrictions of where you currently work.

This section is designed to be a good starting point and will help you through some of the thinking you will need to do.

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You may find Podcast 6 useful which covers:

  • Staff-ownership models vs community-owned models
  • How to engage staff & dealing with unions
  • The change management process
  • The highlights from the first year's acheivements

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If you have suggestions for new content, resources or information, then please pop it in our suggestion box. The current most popular suggestions for this section are:

  • When to leave your current job
  • The practicalities of the 1st year
  • Saving up for your "lifeboat fund"
  • Getting a core team together

The kind of person each nurse becomes makes a substantial difference to what each patient will learn as they are nursed through their illness.

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