Supporting yourself

The stuff they don’t teach you during nurse training is often the most critical to your nursing or personal success. Being a nurse entrepreneur can be really really hard work and there will be times that it will get to you. It may not be fully-blown insomnia when you are lying awake at night under the duvet wondering how you are going to make someone redundant or worrying about a presentation you need to make to the board, but there will be times when you will be under huge pressure. How good you are at introducing change and innovation is totally dependent on how you are coping and how well you are supporting yourself. This is much much more important than the financial and business stuff and yet very few people seem to talk about it or try and teach it. So as our small contribution to filling this gap, here are some practical resources that we hope you will find really useful.

You may find Podcast 4 useful which covers:

  • The key discussions and questions in the early days
  • Involving front-line staff
  • The two-year journey from the idea to going live
  • Getting the organisational and legal structure right - the co-ownership model
  • The reaction of staff to becoming co-owners
  • How the co-ownership model works and the relationship between the Members and the Board
  • The big lessons learned from the transition process from NHS to social enterprise

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