The start-up phase

Most people decide to start-up a new social enterprise in a pub or a café and that may be where you are now. If so don’t spill wine or beer on the keyboard as it is a nightmare to clean even if you are using a new shiny iPhone. What we have found is there are some common questions and issues that people need help with at this stage and hopefull we can help with that. So assuming that this is the morning after you decide to set up your own social enterprise, have some paracetemol, a large coffee, don’t send off that resignation email just yet and read on.

Some of our most recent additions are:

You may find Podcast 6 useful which covers:

  • Staff-ownership models vs community-owned models
  • How to engage staff & dealing with unions
  • The change management process
  • The highlights from the first year's acheivements

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If you have suggestions for new content, resources or information, then please pop it in our suggestion box. The current most popular suggestions for this section are:

  • When to leave your current job
  • The practicalities of the 1st year
  • Saving up for your "lifeboat fund"
  • Getting a core team together