Power networking

Networking is often seen as a frivolous activity or an excuse to swap gossip over coffee. One of the major differences between really high performers and average performers is the quality of their personal network. Ths course will show you how having an effective network can make you far more productive in your current role. It will show you how to value your current network and how to expand it in a congruent and ethical way. For entrepreneurs, this course will aslo show you how to never make a "cold call" ever again and have all your income and sales generated by your network.


  • Become a much more effective networker
  • Learn how to use your networks to solve problems
  • Never have to make a "cold call" ever again
  • Discover the value of your existing network

This course will contain the following topics:

  • Planning for networking
  • Develop a networking strategy
  • Maximising the value and impact of attending networking events
  • Maintaning new and existing networking relationships
  • Developing a networking system including a “lifelong contacts” approach
  • Developing work & life goals and a clear plan for improving your level of performance
  • Using networks to facilitate cross-organisational learning and joint working
  • Developing a marketing strategy based entirely around your personal networks

The course will also provide the participants with time to network with each other and develop the core of a new powerful network. Participants will be expected to bring along their existing contact lists/systems and their address books so that they can leave with a practical plan on enhancing their current network.

The next course will take place on Monday 15th September 2008 in Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire.

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